You’re It, You’re You, You’re Enough

Fashioned and adorned to be Queen and Majesty

No need to swoon or envy over purchased temporary solutions when you have always been the answer

When was the last time that you really beheld your reflection?

I mean.. really appreciate yourself and realize that you’ve always been the prize?

Wake up to behold your unique Glory

Awaken out of your star gazed slumber and become one with your true self.

And never be afraid to show who you are and share with the world the magic that is your unique story.

You encompass insurmountable will and exemplify the definition of beauty. And even in the face of trials you manage to persist still.

A giving heart that looks like gold. Although it has known sadness it insists on choosing love still.

Undefeated, here you are with your original self. Suddenly, opening your eyes and your mind to a new realization that the world has been waiting.

In fact, God has been waiting for the real introduction of you to yourself.

Waiting for the moment that you realize that you don’t need to be or look like anyone else.

Be original and be true to you.

Because afterall, you’re you and that has always been more than enough.

What do you think about you? What do you love about you? .. whoever you are reading this .. I hope you know that you’re enough.. more than enough.

#LoveYourself #BeYou #BeOriginal #PoemsForSelfWorth

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