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God created me to be so much of what I dream to be The toughest part is not knowing the details of how But the Creator has shown me all that is possible Thinking and reflecting on my past, I know that my hard times won’t last All that will be is soon to come…

Hot Toxic

What is it about me that I yearn for a deep connection ..but I’m a sucker for some hot toxic? You know that nice looking person that doesn’t really know how they feel about you.. feeds you crumbs and gives you sugah just enough to keep you…pacified..lingering..scrounging around and hungry for more? I’d patiently wait…

Come To Me

You say “come see me” But what happens when you don’t see me? Laying here wide open My heart bare … Naked and true I feel for you What happens when I travel to where you are… I search for you…but your heart is far How can we be here together but still end up…

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