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Belongings (An Inspirational Message)

Looking for what belongs to me I have been searching all around to find it, high and low and in between. Walked great lengths, then realized, I was headed in the wrong direction. I even wandered out pretty far… trying to see if there’d be some detection, an ankling, a sense of belonging or connection. […]

Life’s Breath

If your last breath were approaching and you knew it… Would you feel bitter, hurt and full of regrets? Would you smile into the sky in preparation to surrender? Would you blank stare and callously try to pretend that you don’t have a care? Would you gather up your loved ones to make one last […]


Resilience is all she’s ever known. Planting seeds of hope. Growing through treacherous times of rain and snow. Defeat is something she refuses to know. She wears a rainbow as her smile and sunshine in her heart. Lovely she is, even though she doesn’t realize. Serenity is her ora, charity has become her. She is […]

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