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The Evidence of Faith in a Seed

Fruit, an over grown seed that eventually becomes everything that it promised to be The evidence, that there is life in a seed, no matter how small or minute it looksWhich is why we don’t judge covers of books But then again, I’ve done that too. But then again others have done that to me, […]


Rise up nowArise hastilySunset will come, suddenly Arise from your slumberDaylight has comeMake ready your path that leads to forever Arise and remember your promiseFor if sleep befalls youYour dreams will dream begrudgingly


Remember words of life in times of adversity Courageous in heart and in spirit during the toughest of times Be still and know that those times won’t overtake you A friend in deed because the Most High will never forsake you Have peace of mind because tribulation comes to mold and shape you

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