Heart Full ( of emotions)

What a feeling it must be to be loved infinitely

I mean like stop the press, drop everything to hug and kiss and hear about my day…

I mean like we disagree but instead of sleeping with that anger we hold hands to pray…

I ponder how near or far away you are

Will I meet you tomorrow or a year from now, or are you in the skies amongst the stars?

I wonder if we ever met before? Have we ever exchanged smiles or walked through the same doors?

If it was a close encounter… did you see me clearly? Or did I leave your heart sore?

What a feeling it must be to be loved the way that God intended.

But how can a heart miss something that it never actually had?

There’s something deep inside that is sure that true love exists

I’m waiting my turn in line..healing.. listening.. seeking.. ready to receive

Love is my language. I hope I’m on the list

My heart wide open.. but for now I’ll blow a kiss.

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