Life’s Breath

If your last breath were approaching and you knew it… Would you feel bitter, hurt and full of regrets? Would you smile into the sky in preparation to surrender? Would you blank stare and callously try to pretend that you don’t have a care? Would you gather up your loved ones to make one last […]


Resilience is all she’s ever known. Planting seeds of hope. Growing through treacherous times of rain and snow. Defeat is something she refuses to know. She wears a rainbow as her smile and sunshine in her heart. Lovely she is, even though she doesn’t realize. Serenity is her ora, charity has become her. She is […]

Deep Rooted Purpose

Marry yourself to your destiny The destiny of your heart… the destiny of your life Allow your passion to align with the promised planted within Creation’s fulfillment comes from that of living a dream If only to breathe in the aroma of living out your purpose on purpose A whole other realm or dimension A […]

Letters to Me with Love ( a series )

Brownie cupcake divine you are Wrapped in awesomeness and sprinkled with majesty Don’t fret anyone who lost you or didn’t value you For you it’s a win but for them it’s a tragedy Magic caramel sugar dumpling honeybun You are they sky, the moon, the stars and the sun

I Do

I can’t wait to marry you To hold you and kiss you As we exchange vows at the alter I’ll be so elated to call you my life partner You love me and I love you I so can’t wait to let you know that … I do !!

To Be Equal.. To be Free

Sitting in the big comfy chair, wondering, watching, wondering.. Glazed eyes tired from the days. In a haze, a fog if you will. He sits anxiously, nervously trying to be still. His heart runs faster than his lips trying to find the words, trying to process the neighbor in his place… yelling demands with a […]

Young Sprout

Sprouting seeds only do so when the conditions are suitable. As the Earth can’t flourish without rain… It happens to be the same.. That your spirit and character can’t grow without pain. Although, currently the world seems hard and cold Remember, soon enough you’ll be strong and tall Soon enough the lessons you’ve learned will […]