God created me to be so much of what I dream to be The toughest part is not knowing the details of how But the Creator has shown me all that is possible Thinking and reflecting on my past, I know that my hard times won’t last All that will be is soon to come […]

Hot Toxic

What is it about me that I yearn for a deep connection ..but I’m a sucker for some hot toxic? You know that nice looking person that doesn’t really know how they feel about you.. feeds you crumbs and gives you sugah just enough to keep you…pacified..lingering..scrounging around and hungry for more? I’d patiently wait […]

Come To Me

You say “come see me” But what happens when you don’t see me? Laying here wide open My heart bare … Naked and true I feel for you What happens when I travel to where you are… I search for you…but your heart is far How can we be here together but still end up […]


I hope when I go, that I spoke life to your soul. I hope that when you think of me you smile. I wish that somewhere along the way you hear a sound or smell a scent that makes you remember my face. If your heart is ever lonely because of my absence, I hope […]

Heart Full ( of emotions)

What a feeling it must be to be loved infinitely I mean like stop the press, drop everything to hug and kiss and hear about my day… I mean like we disagree but instead of sleeping with that anger we hold hands to pray… I ponder how near or far away you are Will I […]

Searching For Life

Life is to be lived but what does it mean to really live? To allow your heart to feel all of the happy, sad, rage and flutters. To feel the grains of sand as it passes through your fingers and to splash in the rain when the grey clouds linger. To hold your breath in […]

The Best Rendition of Love

Mindful of me even in my weakness Showing unconditioned love in a world full of terms and conditions To you, my life I owe You loved me first so I liked and subscribed For me, it’s a lifetime subscription. You laid down your life for mine so in my life story, I’ll forever give you […]

Predestined Before Forever

To think that you’ve known me forever, before forever began The waves of energy and thought into each strand and crease and hue that would embody my being. How’d you know before you even began? To gather and form and mold my eyes, my smile, the roundness of my hips and the quirky demeanor that […]

You’re It, You’re You, You’re Enough

Fashioned and adorned to be Queen and Majesty No need to swoon or envy over purchased temporary solutions when you have always been the answer When was the last time that you really beheld your reflection? I mean.. really appreciate yourself and realize that you’ve always been the prize? Wake up to behold your unique […]

The Evidence of Faith in a Seed

Fruit, an over grown seed that eventually becomes everything that it promised to be The evidence, that there is life in a seed, no matter how small or minute it looksWhich is why we don’t judge covers of books But then again, I’ve done that too. But then again others have done that to me, […]


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