My daughter absolutely loved her card. Custom is the way to go to express to the people you love exactly how much you love and cherish them. I was able to tell the creator my daughter’s favorite colors and hobbies. Definitely recommend this company and will be using them again”

@Sucha_beaut (a.k.a Runny) Owner of Such A Beaut Cosmetics

A Little About Me:

Hello ! Thank you so much for taking the time to explore this site! I am Deborah Holloway and I am a mother of an awesome 13 year-old boy. I graduated from the University of Phoenix to complete my B.A in English. I am a mother, writer, poet, encourager, avid small business supporter and entrepreneur. I love reading, writing, poetry and crafts which is why I created my greeting card company Monumental Moments Greeting Cards and this blogsite.

Today originality is hard to find. However, with Monumental Moments you get unique sentiments and quality expressions to help you remember all of the monumental moments in your life

Greeting Cards & More

Monumental Moments is a greeting card company that creates unique and heartfelt poetry to express special messages while displaying creative imagery. Have you ever gone to buy a greeting card that you loved on the outside… but then you realized that you weren’t crazy about the message on the inside? Monumental Moments is here to help you give greeting cards that mirror exactly how you feel for all of your special occasions, everyday moments and monumental memories! You can also order custom cards to include specific details (favorite hobbies, themes, colors, phrases etc. ). You can now also order; business cards,thank you mailers, keepsakes, banners, cupcake toppers, card boxes and decorative photo booths !


I specialize in poetry that is reflective, expressive and inspirational. If you would like to obtain poetry especially written for yourself, a spouse or loved one or even a special presentation don’t hesitate to reach out!

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With a B.A degree in English reading and writing has been a special part of this journey. If you need assistance with essays (selecting topics, editing, organization, research tips, direct quotes or best study practices), wedding vows, engagement speeches, and proposals feel free to set up a consultation! debholloway@imaginationofawriter