I Do

I can’t wait to marry you To hold you and kiss you As we exchange vows at the alter I’ll be so elated to call you my life partner You love me and I love you I so can’t wait to let you know that … I do !!

Young Sprout

Sprouting seeds only do so when the conditions are suitable. As the Earth can’t flourish without rain… It happens to be the same.. That your spirit and character can’t grow without pain. Although, currently the world seems hard and cold Remember, soon enough you’ll be strong and tall Soon enough the lessons you’ve learned will […]

A Poem for Mr. X

Gave you five lines but … You stole so much more. Gave you love.. Gave you time. Got beautiful lying rhymes in return. Beautiful lies sound so sweet. Oh those pretty half truths. Gave you insight into this raw emotion. You consumed it and promised raw devotion. Beautiful deception What a pretty play on words… […]


No words are available .. Words fail the uneasy mind. The mind still remembers. Triggered by a scent .. a scent that traces back to sweet memories. Reality or fantasy… ? The two seem identical. It must be sweet illusion that gives the heart it’s melody and unrealistic conclusions. Dreams are made of these.. Sweet […]


Strength and will are within. No longer succumbing to defeat. Triumph, strength and courage are within her. She will rise. She will surely win. Questions and doubts must cease. Certainly this next quest will bring victory, confidence and peace. Strength and will power are within her. She will not lose.