To Be Equal.. To be Free

Sitting in the big comfy chair, wondering, watching, wondering..

Glazed eyes tired from the days.

In a haze, a fog if you will.

He sits anxiously, nervously trying to be still.

His heart runs faster than his lips trying to find the words, trying to process the neighbor in his place… yelling demands with a barrel in his face.

Ice cream now melted on the floor after his neighbors burst through his door.

I feel like life didn’t acknowledge the future.. I guess Heaven needed him just a little sooner.

If all lives matter then that means my life equals up… the same as yours.

He’s gone to soon but already there’s an appeal for a short stint behind bars.

If all lives matter ..don’t treat a life lost like spilled milk.

If all lives matter treat them all with dignity.

My family is fighting and that’s something that they gotta see

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